Thursday, 3 November 2016



On halloween i never went trick or treating but my cousins did and they told me about everything.and also they got 50 lollies.

First they went to the next door and they got scared because this house was covered with scary decorations like ghosts,axemen and serial killers.

So they asked my aunty to go trick or treating with them and she said NAH!!! And told there older brother to go with them.

They were so scared of the costumes even though they were real people.

I laughed at them so hard because even their older brother was scared. It was the most funniest night ever. But the dumb thing about it was since i scared them i got no lollies.

Friday, 21 October 2016



On the weekend I stayed home with my dad and watched tv. Because there was nothing to do.

Then we had to go pick up three trucks from okaihau. It was the most dumbest ride ever because we had to go the long way because the truck had no registration or anything like that.

Then we got back home at 9.00 o'clock we were exhausted from being busy. We went to sleep straight away.

Then on sunday everything was done we had nothing else to do it was AWESOME!!! It gave us time just to chill out.

Friday, 14 October 2016


In the holidays I went to my nana’s tangi, she died from sickness. We went to the marae in Tautoro.

The best part of it was the kai. We had everything. Nice hot hangi, sizzling warm boil up, delicious sweet pudding, lollies and         bubbled up fizzy.

After we finished eating we threw the green missile. every time you dropped it you have to do 1o press up’s. I’m really good at press up’s now because i dropped it a lot!!!

Even though it was a really sad time i enjoyed it with my whanau.

Friday, 16 September 2016

The bee visit

The bee visit
WALT:Write a recount using appropriate vocabulary

Today people visited room 1 and 2 To talk about bees. A group of beehives is called an apiary. Also it is bee aware month which i didn't even know existed. Bee Aware month is about beeing carefull for bees.

Dan let us look at the honey and the cells that the bee’s create. And he let us eat some of the honey to it is really nice.

Kathy showed us live bee’s leshidus found the queen bee.

The live bees were in a glass box there was about a thousand of them.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The blue highlighter

The blue highlighter

I am looking on my desk And i see a blue highlighter when you draw the lines are as bright as the gleaming sun.

The lines are as thick as a tree.
It glitters with sparkles.
The blueness is as bright as the gleaming ocean.
The highlighter is icy cold.
It is brighter than the blue sky.